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Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I have to allow pets?

    A: No, pets are not a protected class, and you can therefore discriminate against them any way you’d like.  However, knowing that 65 – 70% of tenants will have a pet of some type, if you do not allow them, you are immediately negatively impacting your market.  We can certainly still rent your home, but it might take a little longer so you could experience some extended vacancy, and therefore lost rent.  If you do allow a pet, a pet addendum will be signed, and additional security deposit is required.

    Don’t confuse a “pet” with a “service” or “companion” animal.  It is illegal to discriminate against service animals, so we will absolutely rent to a tenant with a verifiable service animal.  We cannot take any additional security deposit, nor can we decline any specific breeds that we might otherwise not allow in our properties.  

  • Q: Do I have to have Renter’s Insurance?

    A: While most owners do not require you to carry Renter’s Insurance, it is a good idea to have it anyway.  It is very inexpensive, and covers your possessions should there be any kind of unforeseen damage to the home.  The owner’s insurance only covers the home and its amenities, and does not cover any items that belong to you, the tenant.  So it’s a risk NOT to have insurance!
  • Q: How do I give a notice to vacate?

    A: When you are planning your move out, remember that you are required to provide 30 days written notice stating your vacate date; you will be charged rent for 30 days after the day that your notice is received in our office.  You can just send us an email with your move out date, but all parties to the agreement must send the same information so that we know everyone is planning to move.  You can also get the official 30 Day Notice form from our website, complete it and sign it, and fax or mail it to us.  But remember, we count the 30 days from when we receive it…….so factor that into your notice date.
  • Q: How long does it take to get the tenants out if they don’t pay rent?

    A: If the tenant still doesn’t pay rent after receiving the 72 hour notice, then we will file in the court for “Restitution”, and usually get a court date about the 25th of the month.  We can elect to accept rent right up to the court date, but we usually ask the tenant to bring it to court, and then we ask for a judgment that would require them to pay the outstanding rent, as well as the next month’s rent by the due date, or just move out by the 10th of the next month.  That way we’re not in court again the following month for the same thing.  As a side note, we rarely go to court for non-payment of rent…….maybe twice a year.   Our screening criteria are quite selective, so we don’t have many problems like this with our tenants.
  • Q: How often will you inspect my house?

    A: We usually inspect about 6 months after the tenant has moved in, and then annually after that.  If we observe something that raises any red flags, then we will handle that issue, and inspect as often as necessary to verify that it is no longer a problem.  We provide owners with a written report, including photos, when we do inspections.
  • Q: If I apply to rent a home, how long does it take to get an answer?

    A: We will process your application and usually be able to have an answer back to you within 3 business days.  It might take a little longer if we’re still negotiating a point on the lease agreement, or if the owner is waiting for an estimate to do some work that you have requested.  But 3 days is pretty normal.
  • Q: If we decide to get a pet, what do we need to do?

    A: Any pet needs to be pre-approved by the owner, so the first thing to do is contact your Property Manager and pop the question!   She will contact the owner for a decision, and if allowed, you will then need to complete a Pet Addendum and provide a photo of your pet.  We will also require additional security deposit be paid upon final approval, and prior to the pet being brought into the home.  If we find that you have adopted a pet without permission, this would result in a lease violation notice and a fine, and could result in termination of your lease….so always ask first.
  • Q: Is my rent late if I mail it before the 5th, but you don’t receive it until after the 5th?

    A: Rent is due on the 1st of the month, but we don’t charge a late fee if it is received in our office by 5pm on the 5th.  Anything received after that time/date is late.  You can always pay rent online, and your payment posts to your account instantly….so if you’re running late in mail time, just pay it online!
  • Q: What appliances should I provide?

    A: Typically, the kitchen will have the standard appliances, although a refrigerator is optional, as it’s about 50/50 whether the tenant will have their own, or not.   We advise not to leave a washer/dryer; if you have one in place, you might consider selling it to the tenants, instead of providing it, so that the tenant, and not the owner, will be responsible for any ongoing repairs.  Remember, any appliances that the owner provides, the owner is responsible for maintaining during the tenancy.
  • Q: What guarantee do I have that the tenants will pay the rent?

    A: The bottom line is……none.  While we do our very best to screen tenants and only rent to qualified parties, we have no control over life’s events, and the tenants may experience some set-back that causes them to be delinquent in their rent.  We will handle all of the required notices, negotiate with the tenants, and appear in court if necessary in an effort to obtain the rent, but in the end, we don’t have the power to squeeze it out of them.  
  • Q: What if I have to break my lease?

    A: There is a clause in your lease that says if you “default” on the agreement, ie., “break the lease”, then you simply pay one and one-half month’s rent as a lease break fee, and give us your move out date.  We will charge rent only until you return keys, and there will be no other charges, other than any damages against your security deposit that you would be normally responsible for anyway.
  • Q: Who is responsible for clogged drains?

    A: That depends on the cause.  If a bath drain is plugged with hair and soap residue, that is tenant caused and tenant responsibility.  If the kitchen sink is clogged with food that won’t go through the disposal, that is tenant caused, and tenant responsibility.  But if the plumber finds roots in the line, or some other defective plumbing issue, then that would be the owner’s responsibility to resolve and pay the bill.  Our vendors are very good at determining the cause of an issue and often find the evidence; I’m reminded of the clogged toilet……which was the result of the stuck truck that the little boy tried to flush down it!   
  • Q: Who is responsible for yard care?

    A: Typically, tenants are responsible for maintenance of the yard, including the beds and small shrubs.  We do expect owners to maintain hedges and ornamental trees, and do the trimming on any larger trees in the yard.  If the yard has been professionally maintained in the past, we might want to continue with that care, and increase the rent to cover it, or at least most of it.  

    While decks and walkways are part of the yard, those areas are typically maintained by the owners, with annual cleaning and sealing as required to properly maintain the surfaces.

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